If you would like a particular flavour that isn’t listed below, let us know.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Moist carrot cake bursting with cinnamon, ginger and cloves and applesauce with a soft, melt-in-the-mouth cream cheese filling. Have your cake with or without pecans and walnuts.

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

Sinful and moist devil’s food chocolate cake layered with a milk chocolate frosting

Malteasers cake

Malted chocolate cake filled with malted chocolate filling, with the option to have Malteaser bits or whole pieces sandwiched between cake layers.

Oreo cookies

A rich, moist chocolate cake with a thick filling of Oreo cookie buttercream

Marble cake

Vanilla and chocolate cake flavours are swirled together to create this deliciously moist cake.

Sugar-and-Spice Layer Cake

Layers of moist cake infused with rich spices with a rich mascarpone cheese and blackberry jam filling.

Gingerbread cake with Cinnamon cream cheese filling

A dense gingerbread cake with a soft cinnamon-infused cream cheese filling, the perfect cake for a cold winter night.

Crunchie Cake

Delicious chocolate and honeycomb cake filled with crushed Crunchie bars whipped into buttercream

Cookie dough cake

Layers of vanilla cake sandwiched by a creamy delicious layer of chocolate chip cookie dough and creamy vanilla icing

Peanut butter cake

Dense and moist chocolate cake layers filled with creamy peanut buttercream swirled with crushed peanut butter candies.

Fruit cake

Boozy and moist cake packed with an assortment of dried (raisins, currants, dried cranberries and/or cherries,and dried apricots) and candied fruits soaked in alcohol.

Lemon Curd Layer cake

Tangy lemon cake sandwiched by layers of lemon curd with Swiss meringue buttercream

Red Velvet

A Sophianna’s Bakery favorite, the Red Velvet cake is a sinfully red, chocolatey cake with cream cheese filling or Swiss meringue buttercream filling.

Salted Caramel

Rich and indulgent, the Salted Caramel cake is made of layers of Caramel/vanilla/chocolate cake with a salted caramel buttercream filling

Strawberry & Champagne

The ideal flavour for a wedding or Valentine’s day cake, the Strawberry & Champagne cake is a light and airy cake, baked with Champagne with a Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream filling

Biscoff cake

If you love Biscoff biscuits, you’re in for a treat; this cake is made with crushed caramel Biscoff biscuits, with a Biscoff buttercream filling.